Ah life.  Funny how my previous post, which was written more than a year ago, started off with “I don’t know about you but I am very impressed by my blogging progress as of late.”  SILLY ME OF COURSE I WOULD STOP POSTING ANYTHING AFTER THAT.  Anyway, I’m back tentatively, making a feeble attempt at doing the productive thing before I get swallowed back into school.  For anyone interested, I did indeed successfully complete my first year of medical school, albeit at the expense of my health.  Not only did I complete the year about 10 pounds heavier, I was also severely Vitamin D deficient and my exercise level went down to zero.  I did very little cooking and much ordering delivery, which is all to say that my self-image is at an all-time low right now and I’ve spent much of my valuable free time languishing in a steaming pile of self-loathing.

But on to sunnier topics.  What could be sexier than vegetable stock?  I don’t think many young people know how useful it is around the kitchen.  Soups always call for stock/broth and besides that, stock can brighten up any meal when you substitute it for water.  And it’s very easy to make and it’s also very free.  Seriously though, it has saved me many a trip to the grocery store and many a meal-less night (well, I never go to bed without dinner so I suppose it just saves me the $20-30 I would have spent on GrubHub, which is a lot of $$, especially for someone who is making about -$4000/month and counting.).  Oftentimes, I will just toss in some curry powder, veg stock,frozen veggies, and an egg into my rice cooker and VOILA dinner.  Or boil some taters in it and puree that with half and half/milk/whipping cream… instant potato soup!  You may also drink it straight and pretend that it’s consommé ordered from a Michelin-rated French restaurant.  The list goes on.

In short, think about saving up your veg scraps for veg stock!  You have nothing to lose but freezer space.

Above is about two months’ worth of vegetable scraps.  There’s everything in here from carrot peels to the ends of onions to tomatoes to potato peels.  Pretty much anything can go in stock!  And the more the merrier.  I tend to have far more carrot and celery pickings than anything.  I add to the collection little by little by keeping scraps in the freezer until I have half a bag full of em.


Veggie scraps, cleaned (best are carrots, celery, cabbage in my opinion)

1 or 2 bay leaves (optional… but they do flavor things super well.  Consider investing)



A large pot

A strainer

How to Make:

Put veggies in pot and add just enough water to cover them, i.e. approximate about a 1:1 ratio.

Bring the pot to a boil, and then let simmer for 1 to 2 hours.  Let the stock cool and then strain to separate goopy solids from the liquid.  Use within a few days or freeze.  I like to freeze in ice cube trays.  About 10 standard sized cubes equals 1 cup of stock.  Use at leisure.


P.S.- GO CHINA!!!!!!!!