Cooking in my empanada costume (conceived Halloween 2008).

Hello, my name is Xixi.

I live in Logan Square in Chicago.

I am a research assistant by day, cat lady by night, soon-to-be medical student/your future doctor.

I started cooking, because I love to eat and think about food all day everyday.  I created this blog in an effort to consolidate recipes I’ve tried, turn my internet time into a more productive activity and share my cooking voyage with friends (yayyy friends!).

My camera is a Sony Cybershot 5.0megapixel point-and-shoot, circa 2004.  My wares are mostly from thrift stores (what little money saved from that gets put into my favorite source for ingredients) or inherited/snatched from my parents.   Alas, I won’t be the next food blog superstar coercing you to tears with impeccably photographed fois gras and delicately steamed baby carrots BUT I can offer up practical meal ideas with a side of stale humor.  And who doesn’t love that??